When we first got engaged in November I was hearing wedding bells and making all of the plans. Would we get married in Napa, California or would we opt for a Texan sized wedding in Tyler, Texas? We toured my favorite venue in the Ark-La-Tex and I was convinced this was the perfect venue.

January of 2021 sounded perfect. I was saving up wedding money and my partner was too, to be honest, my biggest concern at the time was how much alcohol we could purchase without giving anyone alcohol poisoning or making someone break up at our wedding. We wanted a huge party to say the least.

All of our dreams came crashing down when COVID-19 struck the world. Since I normally spend my weekends DJing for weddings I found myself bored at home refunding so many canceled weddings and rescheduling several weddings for the later part of 2020. The date we had in our minds for our wedding ended up getting booked for a bride that was forced to reschedule her date. I feel like my DJ gigs have all turned into one big Tetris game on my calendar. COVID-19 threw the biggest wrench in the wedding industry.

The last couple of weddings I have gone to DJ there are so many restrictions, is my best option to cancel the wedding altogether? Should we elope? Should we just go to the Justice of the Peace and call it a day? Is trying to have a big wedding during a pandemic a thing of the past?

If you have found yourself in our situation and trying to navigate a wedding in 2020, I would love to hear from you or some suggestions you may have. Message me here.

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