August 26th is all about our four-legged best friends - it's National Dog Day!

Dogs bring so much unconditional love to their owners, they're always there with their tails wagging when they come home just waiting to shower them with their doggie tongues and kisses! National Dog Day was established in 2004 as a way to bring attention to the canine species and as a way to encourage adoption (according to National Dog Day).

Any breed of dog will be celebrated today and showed off online and across social media accounts, including my own border collie mix shelter rescued dog, Kara.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

You can celebrate National Dog Day with your dog by:

  • taking them on a walk
  • heading to the dog park to interact with other dogs
  • giving them an extra special treat

Not only can you reward and spoil your dog on National Dog Day, but you can help those dogs that are looking for a fur-ever home away from a local shelter by adopting another dog or making a donation to the shelter - whether monetary donation, food or supplies donation or by donating your time and love on those looking for a home.

Share a pic of your dog with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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