On Tuesday, April 30th East Texans will support local non-profit organizations during an 18-hour money-raising marathon called East Texas Giving Day.

The challenge officially begins Tuesday at 6 a.m. and will continue through midnight. However, giving has already begun because East Texans are so generous. In addition to monetary donations, East Texans can pledge volunteer hours to assist these non-profits in their mission.

It's important to give back and support the vital work of East Texas non-profits

'East Texas Giving Day' brings the region together on a single day to spotlight the good that these organizations are doing throughout the year. But it takes money to make these awesome things happen. East Texans can choose to support one or more of the 300 participating non-profits across 32 East Texas counties.

Some organizations may have matching funds available to them, so let's maximize your donation and get them every potentially available dollar. Represented organizations help East Texans with meals, prescription assistance, children's welfare, pet rescues, veterans, museums, housing assistance, family assistance, addict recovery, education, and many others.

The great thing about East Texas Giving Day is that YOU CHOOSE where your money goes and what organization it supports.

Last year 350 East Texas organizations participated and received more than $2.8 million in donations during East Texas Giving Day. The need to raise money continues and grows each year. The number of organizations that East Texans are supporting has more than doubled throughout the years.

This year there are 367 organizations participating. Since giving opened on April 8th, there have already been 1307 donations totaling $353,182 supporting 252 different organizations at the time of this writing. There are more needs and help to be given.

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Check out how East Texas Giving Day looked 7 years ago when many nonprofits gathered on the square in downtown Tyler.

Minimum donations of ten dollars can be made securely through the Day Of Giving website from now until midnight on April 30th. Together we all can come together to help these organizations receive the funding they need so that they may continue their mission to help other East Texans.

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