In the Showbiz Top 5 today:  Simon Cowell and the X-Factor judges - Charlie Sheen's One Man Show - Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish and Miley - Lindsay Lohan - Nude Photo Scandal

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Simon Cowell is getting all the pieces in place for "The X Factor." The day after it was announced LA Reid is going to be one of the four judges/mentors, it was announced that Enrique Iglesias has been approached with an offer to host the show. Simon has also confirmed that he will be one of the judges, so that means there are two spots left to fill on the judges panel.

Tickets to Charlie Sheen's "Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth" show at Radio City Music Hall sold out in just under 30 minutes, so he added a second show, and those 6000 tickets have sold out, too. Ticket prices ranged from $79.50 to $519, but to actually meet Charlie, that's going to cost you $750. Charlie is donating a dollar per ticket to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake Fund, but even after that "generous" donation, he will reportedly earn $7 million for this thing. Sources told TMZ that Charlie's agreed to perform 21 shows and he'll take 85% of the profits. Live Nation will get the rest. But! Then there's the merchandising and the after-parties at clubs that will pay big bucks for Charlie to show up. THAT'S where he'll make the big bucks. Reportedly, 200K pieces of merch have already been shipped out for the shows.. So what's the live show going to be about? A source says basically, it's Charlie sitting in a chair doing comedy for an hour and 15 minutes.

Billy Ray Cyrus taped an interview with "The View" yesterday that will air today, and he made this shocking revelation to the ladies: "I've dropped the divorce." Billy Ray says he wants to put his family back together and that things are the best they've ever been. And while he wouldn't give any details, apparently he and Miley have kissed and made up, too. He said, "I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before 'Hannah Montana' happened." And he took back what he said about the show destroying his family. He said, "Now FAME -- fame is a different animal. You've got to be careful with that thing."

Lindsay Lohan is in NYC, where she's supposed to be spending some quiet time with her family before she decides whether or not to accept a plea deal that could send her to jail for up to 90 days. But her family is furious because instead of hanging out with them, Lindsay's been hanging out with her East Coast friends in the clubs. On Wednesday, Lindsay hooked up with Samantha Ronson at the Standard Hotel and later that night she was spotted in two clubs -- and in one of them, she was kissing some random guy. Lindsay insists she wasn't drinking anything stronger than water and carried her own bottle all night. But the source says while Lindsay's out partying, her family is sitting at home seething because it's almost like Lindsay is having one final fling, wanting to be with everyone but them before she heads off to jail. Lindsay tried to make up for it by taking her siblings to last night's Knicks game.

TMZ is all over this hacker ring that busted into the emails and iPhones of celebrities and stole very personal, and, in some cases, very naked pictures and videos. The FBI is involved, and they believe this ring has targeted 50 female celebrities. There are some big names mixed in with some names you wouldn't recognize. Like, who the heck is Addison Timlin? And Renee Olstead? Anyone got an answer to that one? No? Well, names we DO recognize include Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson, Ali Larter and Busy Phillips. But now sources connected to the hackers have told TMZ that these cyber-thieves not only targeted female celebrities, they've also broken into the the private emails of sports stars and politicians. No names have been mentioned yet, but TMZ was told they are all high profile. TMZ also says the FBI knows the identity of the ringleader.