I have officially seen it all ladies and gentlemen. From KTAL NBC 6, Shreveport Police is looking for a woman who stolen multiple bottles of liquor from a store. And it's right on front of the camera.

Video Source:  Dash Cam Warehouse

I can’t make this stuff up people. The woman in the video just walked into the store and just started 'shopping' in an untraditional manner. She started off by grabbing one bottle and stuffing it in her empty purse.  Then bottle number two, three, four, OMG five bottles! Oh, it gets better because she's far from finished. By the time she finished stuffing her pants and even the inside of her shirt, she walked out of the store with what we think is TEN BOTTLES OF LIQUOR!

Nevertheless, the camera caught every single moment even though she managed to get away.  I’ve seen some thieves in my lifetime, but this one here has taken the cake or should I say bottle(s).

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