Cereal milk, it's that delightful treat you can enjoy after you've eaten all the cereal in the bowl. Is it so good that it needs to be its own thing though?

Apparently, the folks at Kellogg's think so. That's why they're introducing Froot Loops flavored milk.

You may recall earlier this year they started selling a Froot Loops Carnation Instant Breakfast. But that sounded a bit too healthy.

This new concoction is simply regular milk flavored to taste like the leftover milk at the bottom of your bowl of Froot Loops. So yeah, basically just milk with a bunch of sugar mixed in it.

They're going to be sold in 14-ounce bottles but you'll have to wait until January for them to hit grocery store shelves.

These bottles of sweetness will reportedly set you back for $1.99 a pop. Or you could just let your Froot Loops soak in milk, drain it, and bottle it.

Or you could just say no to all of this and live your life eating cereal the regular way.

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