Many moons ago I tried to play Sim City on a computer and I hated it. But this new Sim City BuildIt on my iPad has taken over my life.

You start your city simply with a few house and roads. Then as you begin to upgrade  your buildings and build factories for supplies you suddenly have an economy. You begin to learn the value of production time, and planning.

I started my city on Saturday afternoon, and with non-stop attention for the rest of that day and Sunday, I'm now at level 13. I have a busy suburban city with three fire stations, two police stations, power plants, sewage and water systems, six factories and four stores producing goods.

It's become real time consuming. Although I will say, if you can make yourself walk away for an hour or so, it's nice to come to loads of supplies and buildings ready for upgrades.

Do you play? Here are a few screen shots of my city: