Out of an abundance of caution, mostly based off the trauma of last year's storm, most of the Great State Of Texas hunkered down as this year's storm came rolling in. While most of East Texas managed to not get turned into a winter wonderland and saw only a few flurries, Dallas and most points west of I-45 were covered in snow. But instead of focusing on negative, I rather focus on the folks who turned this into a positive and went outside and had FUN or helped a neighbor in need in the midst of potential chaos.

Like All The Folks Who Helped Out Stuck Dallas Police Officers

Two Healthcare Workers In Dallas Infected With Ebola After Treating Patient
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While most of us are supposed to be inside, law enforcement officers still have to be outside to maintain order. Unfortunately, a few cops on patrol were slipping, sliding and getting stuck on the icy roads but awesome citizens with the means to help, stepped up and pulled them out of their situations.


Perfect Powder For Snow Shredding

Came across a cool video of Dallas based fitness coach Luqman Mosley who took advantage of conditions to go shredding on his snowboard with is furry friend! Just click on the next slide in his IG post above to see the cool video.

The Winter Games Maybe In China, But These Dallas Snow Stars Are Gold Medal Worthy!


The Twitter account @DallasTexasTV shared plenty of videos of folks out skiing, sledding and pretty much having a blast outside while the streets were empty and even a few empty parking lots got used.

The Hilarious Reasons People Gave for Why the Siren Went Off in Longview, TX

And really, SOME of them, although they were kidding, wouldn't really surprise us after the last few years we've had. 

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