I’ve noticed a ton of people recently on Facebook complaining about spiders and scorpions in their house. Bad news for you people with arachnophobia – high temperatures and drought are some key conditions that lead to overpopulation of cold-blooded insects!

Jim Fredericks, a wildlife ecology expert with the National Pest Management Association says:

All insects are cold-blooded, so in extreme heat they develop quicker, which results in more generations popping up now compared to previous summers.”

This increase includes one of the most dangerous varieties of spider – the brown recluse! The brown recluse is actually a lot smaller than you might imagine. It’s actually about the size of a quarter.  It’s tan in color and has a dark spot in the shape of a violin on its body.

Keep in mind that spiders and scorpions typically like dark places in your house, so be aware of closets and boxes! They also tend to be more active at night, so sleep tight!