Last year I remember seeing several folks posting photos with their kids so excited about being able to spend a day at a water park or a splash park. Little did we know the summer of 2020 wouldn't have water parks at all. Truly there isn't anything like cooling down with friends and family on a hot summer day, so of course, folks in the south decided to make water parks in their backyards the old fashioned way.

Several folks have enlisted the help of Slip 'N Slide's to cool down and in some cases ruin the grass in the backyard. The President of Wham-O Todd Richards told TMZ that the famous Slip 'N Slide that made its debut in 1961 is now out of stock for the first time ever. From what it looks like the parent company of Slip 'N Slide knew it was coming, they saw sales double for 10 consecutive days in late April and were forced to quit taking orders online so they could conserve stock. Obviously their plan backfired and they are now left with an empty section in the warehouse.

If you were hoping on cooling off in your backyard this summer, don't let the thought of sold-out Slip 'N Slide's deter you from making a splash. Check out this homemade Slip 'N Slide that you can make after a quick trip to your favorite home improvement store.

Why Does It Only Hail in Summer?

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