A couple of guys traveling down a west Texas highway in Lubbock County Monday afternoon (June 19th) had an unexpected passenger show up for the ride to their job site! A snake suddenly appeared from underneath the hood of their truck! Swade Moyer and Zakary Wyatt were traveling to Levelland when all of a sudden they noticed a snake popping its head out our from underneath the hood on the driver's side of the truck! This would totally freak me out too - I don't really care for snakes!

These guys try their best to get the snake off by giving it a chance to get off the truck by pulling over, but when he tries to get back in the truck through the front grill, they take off and, well, kinda scream like little girls! I probably would have done the same thing though! This bull snake was rather long and was along for the ride to maybe hook up with another lady snake! They guys say it eventually fells from underneath the truck.

If this happened to me, I'd be finding my way to an empty stretch of road and doing what Swade did and go fast to see if the wind will somehow dislodge it!

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