It's weird to think that we are just a couple of weeks away from starting a brand new decade. Happy early 2020 ladies and gents. A fun fact about 2020 is that it will be a leap year, meaning that February 2020 will have an extra day. Because of that extra day, it causes some of our favorite holidays to fall on the perfect days of the week.

You can see it in the graphic above but below is the run down:

  • Friday, February 14 - Valentine's Day
  • Taco Tuesday, May 5 - Cinco De Mayo
  • Saturday, July 4 - America's Birthday
  • Saturday, October 31 - Halloween
  • Friday, December 25 - Christmas
  • Friday, January 1, 2021 - Start of a Three Day Weekend

I mean, how perfect does that line up. Taco Tuesday to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Valentine's Day is on a Friday, gives couples some extra time to be romantic. July 4th and Halloween on a Saturday. Christmas and New Year give us a three day weekend.

2020 is the perfect year to celebrate February 29.


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