We've all heard it before living in Texas.

Bless your heart.

Originally a phrase of endearment (and still used as such sometimes), the phrase 'bless your heart' is a bit of an inside joke for southerners. According to an overwhelming amount of comments on the popular Facebook page I Love Texas, it's all contextual on whether you should be offended someone says those three cute words to you.

I've lived in Texas for over two years now, and I think I've heard this directed at me four times - the first time I was all, "thanks!". My friend looked at me funny as if she wanted to say it again. So I asked my friends on Facebook as well as readers on I Love Texas what are some other ways to say, "Bless Your Heart". The end result: there's no nicer way to say "you're an idiot" than "bless your heart".

For fun, here is a list of some of our favorite phrases you can say besides the aforementioned southern phrase.

  • Bless your pea-pickin' heart...
  • Good thing you're pretty =)
  • Here, have some cake.
  • God love ya
  • Great job stupid
  • Interesting...
  • Bless your pointed head
  • Well ain't that sweet
  • Aren't you just special
  • Aren't you the sweetest thing
  • You suck
  • It's the most southern "F*** You" there is...
  • You poor thing
  • You're so pretty when you do something stupid
  • What'd you do!?
  • Oh... honey...
  • Awww how cute, ya tried...
  • Dumba**
  • You're the special kinda stupid aren't ya?
  • Well aren't you the south end of a north bound donkey
  • I feel I am superior and you are pathetic and stupid. - direct honesty is the best policy

Honestly, I love saying this when I visit family and friends at home. Normally they take it as a compliment and I just sit there with a grin on my face. How about you? Do you say it sarcastically or is it normally a genuine phrase for you. Or maybe you mix it up a bit?

I'll leave you with this wise comment about saying "bless your heart" because it's true. Being nice AND sarcastic is the safest way to go.

And if you didn't like this article... I have one thing to say to you.

Bless your heart...

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