About two dozen dogs and four cats were found dead in the Hideaway Hills community near Mathis earlier this week. And deliberate foul play to harm these animals is suspected.

Shandra Brown, a local resident who cares for some of the local stray animals, was alerted to this incident on Monday morning when her and a neighbor found dogs convulsing and foaming out the mouth, according to Wide Open Pets.

It wasn't just stray animals, however. Another resident, Leslie Jones, found her four dogs dead the same morning. All of these animals reportedly had the same symptoms, which leads to the suspicion of intentional mass poisoning of local cats and dogs, according to KZTV.

Local authorities - Live Oak County Sheriff's Office -  are on the case, though there is little to go on in identifying the culprit except a video of a truck driving past a house with someone throwing something to the ground, followed by dogs coming over and eating the contents. Wide Open Eats also reported there was a bag of fish heads found near the area where some dogs were found.

Residents say there has been two separate incidents where multiple dogs have been killed from potential mass poisoning, says KZTV. Here's to hoping they find the sick person who would do such a thing to family pets.

Shandra Brown shared multiple photos of various pets she found on Facebook. You can view them here, but honestly, it made me sick and I almost started to cry.

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