Yesterday, I went to check our mailbox looking for something special. Our wedding photographer had mailed us a USB of our wedding photos.

She let me know that she put it in the mail on Saturday, so I have been excited about it's arrival all week. I've been checking the mail each evening like a kid running to an ice cream truck in the Summer.

I didn't feel anything heavy, so I searched a bit more, and that's when I found the envelope. The beautiful envelope with pretty stamps, and a USB sized chunk ripped out of the bottom edge of the envelope.

I immediately got angry, took a photo and text her that someone had stolen it. Of course I did not blame her. She felt terrible, and offered to drive another one to me this week. She also graciously re-sent the link to our gallery on her website, and invited me to download the photos from there as well. She's wonderful, and we appreciate her so much.

I was still angry at the unknown thief, shared the sad news with my husband, and posted the above photo on Facebook. Lots of friends, shared in my frustration, and a few taught me a new lesson.

Apparently, when you mail something bulky like a USB in a regular envelope it can get caught up in the machines that are now used to sort mail. It's actually more likely that my USB is somewhere at the postal office in Longview than in the hands of a thief. I'm still sad about it, but I learned an important lesson.

Package the USB in something much more substantial, or like my friend Lee suggested. Ask them to 'hand cancel' the envelope.

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