Ohhh snap. This could be the ultimate move to make Justin Bieber jealous. There is some talk that Selena Gomez and teen heartthrob Austin Mahone are getting cozy, but don't get too excited. It seems as though the two stars are just good buddies.

According to an E! News source, "They're really good friends and have a lot of fun together." It sure seemed that way when both Gomez and Mahone were seen out together with a group of friends in Disneyland on Wednesday, where Selena was sporting a pair of Minnie Mouse ears! Though they may not be dating or even interested in each other, there is a small chance that a new love was kindled. Disney is a magical place, after all!

Honestly, we have to admit these rumors are far-fetched, mostly because we think Selena needs to start dating men (not boys!) her age. Plus, Gomez seems to have finally ended whatever was left of her relationship with Justin Bieber and she needs time to herself for goodness sakes! Of course, since she's such a beautiful and talented lady, rumors will be flying about who she's seeing until there is concrete evidence that she is dating a new man.

Austin himself even admitted in an interview with MTV News that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend because of his hectic travel schedule, so you can breathe easy Mahomies!