Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summers afternoons at baseball fields across Texas watching friends play ball.

Comedian Darren Knight highlights some of the truths I heard while sitting next to mother's of my friends on the field. Some of these jokes may including some bad language, beware before you watch with the kids or at work.

Need a good laugh? listen to Southern Momma at the baseball field. Oh, and if you want to see his live show in Dallas on May 6, a the Majestic Theater you better move fast, because only single seats are left!

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Ya'll shut up! Mama's tyring to get her some sun."

"Get out of that mud. You're not gonna get in my car with them dirty cleats. Get outta that mud!"

"...that umpire gotta go, Girl!"

"Bleachers hurt, Hon. Don't sit on them."

"Listen to the coach! I didn't pay $84 for you to sit out there and chase butterflies and pick flowers!"

"Oh my Lord, I hope they lose! I'm tired of going to these damn games. I'm serious."

"Sure, it's grape juice."

"Who's that new coach out there? He's a pretty one, ooh."

Darren Knight, Southern Momma, maybe be from Munford, Alabama, but he sure sounds a lot like some of the East Texas mommas I grew up around!

Want more Southern Momma? Here she is at the High School Football Game...


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