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There are a few places on Earth that are actually called Hell and this Halloween guests could be spending a night in one of those places call Hell.

Years ago while on a cruise of the Caribbean, I took an excursion to Hell, Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. It was a pretty small place that had a pretty jagged landscape, a place you wouldn't want to go walking barefoot and that's about all I remember of it! There are other places called Hell on Earth (according to Google):

  • Hell, California - which is now a ghost town
  • Hell Creek, MN
  • Hell, Norway

And then there's Hell, Michigan. The unofficial mayor of the town is offering Michaganders the opportunity to stay in a tiny house in Hell for Halloween. Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, reservations are currently for residents of Michagan only. But once the restrictions are lifted, you could spend a night in Hell and stay at the Gates Of Hell, a lavish one bedroom tiny house that's listed on AirBNB.

Owner John Colone states that it does freeze in Hell, so you'll want to dress appropriately. Looking at the following picutes of the tiny house it reminds me of a small church. It has a very gothic feel to it with a black and gold bed frame with red curtains. You'll be dining outside next to the campfire and be welcomed by a pathway lined with jack-o-lanterns.

This one night in hell will only set guests back $31 and will be available for one night rentals beginning October 14th for a few days in October. John says there's plenty to do around Hell and when you're at the tiny house you'll be the 'Mayor' and he can't wait to show his guest a hell of a good time.

For those of us living outside of Michigan check out what the 'Gates Of Hell' tiny house looks like in Hell, Michigan.

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