The Spice Girls got everyone excited when they announced recently that they're going back on tour but that excitement has faded on this side of the Atlantic. Promoters told The Sun "The UK shows will be massive and very special so they are apprehensive about doing more in the US because they know from experience how long stints together on the road can cause tensions."

So this could be good and bad news because while it means no US shows in 2019 it still leaves the door open for a possible future US tour. Currently, all 13 UK shows have sold out so the fan interest is obviously there. Also, there a couple of things killing the US tour dream such as Emma’s solo album and Mel B’s involvement with America's Got Talent so the ladies are staying busy.

One more note, the girls are encouraging fans to come as Posh Spice for their UK shows since she's the only Spice Girl not to join them for their tour.  If we do get a US tour fingers crossed that all five members will perform.

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