The Winchester Mystery House located in San Jose, California is one spooky place. Looking for a haunting tale in time for Halloween? Check out this house.

I visited the Winchester Mystery House in August of 2007, while on vacation with my family. Thankfully we went on a morning tour, and were not on the property after dark.

Courtesy of Mandee Montana
Courtesy of Mandee Montana

The house offers flashlight tours, and plays up the ghostly visitors during the Halloween tour season, and when you watch these videos you'll see why.

Enjoy the spine tingling mysteries of Sarah Winchester and her 160 room house that includes staircases to nowhere, doors on the second floor that open to thin air, and where the number 13 is evident everywhere.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This house has fascinated people for decades. Check out this documentary from 1963.

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