Believe it or not, we are about three and a half months away from fair season. Texas is full of great fairs from the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, Texas all the way to the many fairs in our East Texas cities. Those fairs all bring some fun rides, great tasting food and live entertainment. For the State Fair of Texas, this year's live entertainment lineup is very diverse, and very free, with your fair admission.

Music for Everyone This Year

If you're a fan of country music, classic rock, R&B, Tejano, pop music or anything else in between, you're going to find a night of great live music. There will be three stages of live entertainment at this year's State Fair of Texas with various forms of entertainment performing every night. For the Chevrolet Main Stage, there are some power hitters this year including classic rock stalwarts Jefferson Starship and Foghat as well as Fleetwood Mask, a tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Country hitmakers Jo Dee Messina and Jon Wolfe Will be performing. So will alternative rock favorites Bowling for Soup, 90s rockers Spin Doctors and so many more.

Just those few listed above barely highlight everyone on the Chevrolet Main Stage this year. In total, there will be over 100 performers spread out amongst the Chevrolet main stage, Bud Light Stage and Yuengling Flight stage. The Bud Light and Yuengling Flight stages will feature other musical acts, comedians and other entertainment. All you need to get into any these shows on any stage is your gate admission to the State Fair of Texas.

The Food

It won't be long, either, before we'll get a preview of some of the unique fried foods that we'll be able to scarf down this year. I mean, you can go to the State Fair of Texas for the food alone.

If you want to check out the full lineup of entertainment, go to For all other general details about the State Fair of Texas, go to

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