You know I can’t resist a great weekend away, especially when it’s a short drive from East Texas.

This little road trip will take you to the ‘Dinosaur Capital of Texas,’ also known as Glen Rose, TX. There’s plenty to see and do there if you are into dinosaurs, but it is also a beautiful retreat.

High among the treetops of Glen Rose, not far from Dinosaur Valley State Park, you’ll find ‘The Nest.’ Located southwest of Fort Worth, Glen Rose is a short three hour drive from Tyler.

While there are plenty of places to stay, this one stuck out to me as one that would provide a feeling of escape with great views. It’s called 'The Nest' for a reason.

It’s listed on Airbnb as a ‘hybrid cabin with features of both a treehouse and a bohemian bungalow. This truly customized getaway, is filed with wonders from the portal entry to its Texas cedar observatory.’

You could have a tough time renting it though, because it was recently featured on and when checking the dates for myself, there are not many dates available during the Spring and Fall.

While you’re staying in Glen Rose, there’s plenty to see and do. You can search for dinosaur tracks, visit a wildlife safari, play one Texas’ highly rated golf courses or visit their historic downtown.

If you visit during the Summer, cool off at nearby Big Rocks Park along the Paluxy River. Whether your enjoy swimming or rock climbing, you can enjoy both at the park.

Stay at 'The Nest' Just Three Hours from Tyler, TX for Breathtaking Views

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