The next time you stop by Subway, don't be surprised if your sandwich artist whips out the measuring tape.

The chain has agreed to start measuring their six-inch and footlong subs as part of a settlement to a class action lawsuit.

The settlement, released Monday, is the result of 2013 lawsuit accusing the chain of falling short of its promises when it comes to the length of their sandwiches.

The suit itself came about quite accidentally. It's the result of a viral photo taken by Australian Matt Corby. He snidely took a photo of his foot-long subway sandwich that measured only 11 inches.

The internet responded with mock outrage. Lawyers, however, responded with dollar signs in their eyes and this prompted a class action lawsuit.

A hearing to approve the final terms of the judgment is set for January. In the interim, Subway says it will regularly inspect its stores to assure that their customers are getting the full six or 12 inches they've paid for.

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