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With the year we've had, we're making sure to kick off 2024 with as much good luck as possible! Here's an easy way to bring some luck to the new year with this simple crockpot black-eyed peas and cabbage recipe.

Now, if you've ever wondered WHY eating these seemingly random foods is considered good luck, click here for the story. However, if you simply don't care and want to hedge your bets for the new year, here's how to make the combo a little more appetizing.

I'm the self-proclaimed queen of the crockpot. They're quick and easy to use and there's usually little to no mess to clean up or much prep work required. Of course, I went straight to Google to find a recipe that I could modify to meet my needs and I struck gold. Here's the original recipe that's meant to be made using an Instant Pot, but here's what I'm going to do with it in my crockpot. First of all, you need the ingredients. I use Walmart grocery pick up so you can basically order all of these items online verbatim.

Marketside Organic Spring Mix (I'm not using straight cabbage... YUCK! The recipe doesn't call for greens, but we're using them because 2023 sucked!)
Organic fresh thyme
Organic fresh bay leaves
Great Value crushed tomatoes with tomato puree 28 oz.
Great Value black-eyed peas 16 oz.
Great Value reduced-sodium chicken broth 32 oz.
Freshness guaranteed diced yellow onions 8 oz.
Great Value naturally smoked hickory-smoked bacon 16 oz.
Aidells Cajun Style Andouille smoked pork sausage links 12 oz.
Minced garlic
Salt and pepper

Start by cooking the sausage and bacon on the stove then transfer it, grease and all, to the crockpot. Then add the chicken broth and black-eyed peas along with all the spices and let it cook down for at least six hours. Keep an eye on the peas and when they start to soften, add the tomatoes, onions, and spring mix. Then, pop your cornbread in the oven. Boom!

See the original recipe at FlavorMosaic.com. Happy New Year!

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