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Since March, the Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) has suspended disconnections.  For both businesses and individuals suffering financially through the Coronavirus pandemic, this was a saving grace.  It meant, that at least for the immediate future - no one would have to choose between having the air conditioner on and other necessities like food or paying employees.  As tough as it is to hear, that time is coming to a close.

The Arklatexhomepage.com is reporting that the grace period for businesses ended on Monday, and individuals don't have much time left.  A quick check to the official SWEPCO website revealed this:

"We anticipate the suspension will end in early August in Louisiana, at the end of August in Texas, and at an undetermined date in Arkansas."

Before you start freaking out and trying to figure if you have enough extension cord to run from your neighbor's back porch, SWEPCO will work with you.  The electric provider has instituted several, never seen before programs and payment options to help both their business and individual customers.  That being said, in my experience - it's 100% to set up a payment arrangement before they turn their lights off.

So far, the company has shut off electricity to 25 businesses for non-payment.  If you are facing disconnection, call SWEPCO at 1-877-446-7211.

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