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It really doesn't seem like we are that far removed from an adorable chihuahua imploring us to "drop the Chalupa", but 2020 again brings us the unexpected.

Taco Bell has been dabbling in adult beverages for the past few years, especially with their "Cantina" concept, but now..they are rolling out their own label of wine in Canada. It is a Pinot Noir produced by Canada's Queenston Mile Vineyard, and is called "Jalapeno Noir".

Image: Taco Bell
Image: Taco Bell

It's not exactly cheap, but won't break the bank either...selling at around $20 a bottle. And no, it's not exactly 2 Buck Chuck. The winery usually sells it's Pinot Noir for around $30 CAD, and had been critically acclaimed.  Since we don't live in Canada, nor know anyone there, we have not tried "Jalapeno Noir", but we would assume it is full-bodied, and pairs well with a Burrito Supreme.

The biggest question is: Would you buy wine either at...or from...Taco Bell? Or, does it seem like they are out of their element a bit?

Now, if they'd just bring back that Mexican Pizza...

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