Conan’s Complete Waste of a GoPro
GoPro Cameras seems to be all the rage right now because they provide video footage for extreme sports and other activities that a regular camera would be impractical for. And Conan has managed to think of a few other things you could use one for.
Who's Essential, Who's Not
With many governmental employees temporarily out of a job thanks to the governmental shutdown, Conan thought he should go through his staff to identify which employees are essential and which are non-essential and then furlough those employees until the government reopens for business.
Kesha with Conan
Kesha is a handful and we think she gave Conan O'Brien all he could handle as a guest on his TBS show.
Conan O’Brien Pranks Chinese Talk Show for Ripping Him Off
The Chinese are known for stealing American technology. For example, there are entire unauthorized counterfeit Apple Stores over there.  But, apparently, that’s not all they’ve been stealing.
It has come to Conan O’Brien’s attention that a Chinese talk show called ‘Da Pang’ has lifted his show’s open…
Team Coco App Lets You Interact With ‘Conan’
Declaring that it will give your life “meaning” Conan O’Brien has introduced a Team Coco tablet app. Available for free download on systems that run Andriod and iOS (Apple), the app acts as an interactive companion to Conan&CloseCurlyQu…

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