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No Kesha Love From Jerry Seinfeld
In a move that would make for a great 'Seinfeld' episode -- 'What's the deal with hugs?' -- the comedian sidestepped an attempted squeeze from Kesha at last night's (June 5) National Night of Laughter and Song event.
For Some Reason Kids Are Wearing T-Shirts With the Entire ‘Bee Movie’ Script Printed on Them
Bee Movie, the 2007 DreamWorks animated comedy starring Jerry Seinfeld as am anthropomorphic bee named Barry B. Benson who may or may not be in love with a human woman, is not a good movie. Even Seinfeld himself has admitted as much. But THE KIDS THESE DAYS. There is no bad movie they will not fully embrace and turn into a thing. Such is the case with Bee Movie which, over the past few months, has taken on a new life on Tumblr. Back in November, someone posted the entire script of the film on Facebook in text form, and it was shared over 4,000 times. This peculiar obsession has been taken to a new level as now a young girl had the entire text from the Bee Movie script printed on a t-shirt and her Tumblr photo has over 100,000 notes.

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