Whiskey Filled Ornaments
Christmas will be here before we know it, and if you're already planning your tree theme then we have a new idea for you. What do you think of whiskey filled ornaments?
Pink Says She Loves Being a Mom, But Misses Her Whiskey
Pink was one of the biggest partiers in the pop scene for a while. While you never caught her stumbling out of nightclubs like a sloppy drunk mess, she made no secret of her love for throwing back booze. Since becoming a mom to adorable Willow Sage, though, Pink is throwing back milk, instead.
Man Invents Car Fueled by Whiskey
In an effort to create the world's manliest car, 62-year-old Mickey Nilsson has transformed a pile of junk into a sleek vehicle that runs strictly on Bourbon Whiskey.
The Kentucky man says he was inspired by Caractacus Potts, the wacky inventor played by Dick Van Dyke in 1968's 'Chitty…