william shatner

The Priceline Negotiator Killed Off [VIDEO]
It's a role that William Shatner has been playing for the past 5 years, but has been a spokesperson for Priceline.com for 14 years and now it appears as if he's killed off in the latest commercial for the online travel booking site.
William Shatner Wants To Help You Recover From ‘National Unfriend Day’ [VIDEO]
If you got rid of some of your Facebook friends on Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘National Unfriend Day,’ you might be depressed or have second thoughts. William Shatner wants you to know that you’re going to be OK. In this clip from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Shatner guides you through the steps on how to recover from the feelings of denial and fears of being alone that come with Facebook “un-friending.”