It is something we both dread on doing which is renewing your drivers license.

Getting your drivers license before the COVID-19 pandemic was something you would have to prepare for as I remember getting up extra early just to get there before the DMV opens and there is a line already with other like minded individuals attempting to get the same thing and now it has gotten worse.

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Fast forward to the year 2020 and KLTV is reporting that if you are planning on getting your drivers license from Texas DPS it could take you even LONGER to receive it or even to renew it.

Mind you before the Texas DPS instilled drivers had to make appointments up to six months in advance.

Now a wavier has been established to grant the expiration date of your drivers license that remains for 60 days and you can download a Verification of Driver License Expiration Extension notice.

Don't worry about getting a citation because Texas law enforcement have been notified of the waiver and when things go back to normal you would be able to renew without penalty.

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