My daughters love strawberries, all three of them. My middle daughter, Iva, especially. She's been cutting  them up (with a kid's knife) and "cleaning" them since she was two-years-old. She's four now and still loves prepping everyone's favorite berry. And the other two, (8 and 2) can't cram into their mouths fast enough when it's time to chow down.

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So, when I came across Froberg Fruit and Vegetable Farm in Alvin, TX, I knew it'd be a great weekend trip for my family, and thought yours might like it as well, so here we are.

Since my girls love prepping strawberries, you gotta assume that they'll love picking them too, right? They are nothing if not completely rational. Well, that's where Froberg comes into play. You see, they don't just sell fresh strawberries, you have the option to hand-pick them yourself. According to their website, "Strawberry-picking, our most popular attraction, typically starts in January and ends late May. Blackberry-picking starts in May and goes through July. Citrus-picking begins the first weekend in November  and continues every weekend till the end of January (weather permitting)."

Froberg’s Country Store is open seven days a week (excluding major Holidays) and boasts an in-store Bakery and Snack Bar. And their homemade menu options have got my mouth watering: "fried pies, cookies, cupcakes, cake balls to jellies, preserves, pralines, pecan brittle, peanut brittle, nuts, candies, kettle and caramel corn… our bakery is a must see. Just a step over from our bakery, the Snack Bar offers ice cream cones, floats, snow cones, nacho’s, chili dogs and fountain drinks."

See ya in Alvin!

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