Tara Reid may have sold the hell out of her role as the constantly shark-plagued April Wexler in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (fans even voted for her to return when her fate at the end of 3 was unclear), but the counselors on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality All-Stars found her real-life performance as a woman dating a man named Dean May...unconvincing.

On a preview for the August 12 Boot Camp season finale, relationship counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll confront Reid about a recording that reveals — prepare yourself —Tara and Dean might be on this relationship-focused reality show for the dreaded wrong reasons.

"Is there something you'd like to tell us about your relationship?" Jim asks the pair.

"Th...that it's not working right now?" Reid says with dead eyes.

"Do you think we're fools?" Jim counters, as his co-directors look on in disbelief.

"We see everything in here," Reid is reminded. Which makes sense, considering they're surrounded by cameras at all times, and Reid confessed the sham relationship to a producer(??).

"Part of the reason we did the show is because [May] owes money and taxes and he could use the money and he wouldn't mind the fame," Reid is shown saying in earlier, "secretly taped" footage. "So I wanted to do the show for him, so he would get out of trouble," Reid revealed in the earlier sit-down.

"Help me out? I came here for HER," Dean, who's listed on the WE Network site as "one of L.A.'s premiere party promoters," stammers from beneath his stringbean-thin blonde mustache.

Is the entire thing staged in collusion with the Marriage Boot Camp showrunners for a finale ratings jump? It certainly wouldn't be the first or even twentieth time that reality show love drama was, at the very least, guided by a producer in need of a story. But Reids tenure on the show was a sore subject in a July radio interview with Jenny McCarthy,

"The whole thing is so stupid and silly and we’re not even talking about it, ’cause there are confusing things about it. Right now we’re just talking about Sharknado," Reid insisted. The American Pie actress abruptly ended interview soon after, following unwelcome questions about her plastic surgery and an exchange of insults with McCarthy.

Watch Tara and Dean squirm in the preview clip below, and see the finale's messiness for yourself at 9/8c on WE tv. 

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