Leave your initial thoughts and impressions of how you think the teens will respond at the door. They may surprise you. They surprised me!

You probably already know that I love my Boy Bands. I was obsessed with NSYNC in high school, when they were at the height of their popularity. Though I loved NSYNC, I never had a grudge against the other bands.

TRL host Carson Daly, would pit fan girls against each other on MTV battling to prove they were the greater fan base. I just loved everything about all of it. The songs were catchy, the guys could sing harmonies and dance. Did I mention they were all good looking?

My obsession waned as I went to college. I got into different bands and other genres, but I never stopped loving NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys. I've adored watching Justin Timberlake's career flourish and expand into movies, fashion and tequila... who would have guessed?

These teens surprisingly get it. Their reactions are great, and their wish for music to swing back in that direction is interesting. Thanks to BuzzFeed for showing them what great music was when I was their age - Ha!

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