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Tekashi 6ix9ine Accuses Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber of Chart Manipulation

Tekashi 6ix9ine claims that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s hit collaboration “Stuck With U” should have landed at No. 5 on the Billboard charts, but that somehow “illegally,” they were able to sell 60,000 units overnight. The “Rainbow Rapper” claims he can prove how the charts are manipulated by titans in the industry. Hear his accusations in the video, below:

30% of American Have Accessed Retirement Funds During COVID-19 Lockdown

MagnifiyMoney ran a survey that showed 30% of Americans have withdrawn an average of $6,757.20 from their retirement savings between March 1 and May 1. According to their data, 50% of the people making the withdrawals are doing so to cover their expenses during lockdowns. Out of those, 60% are using the money for groceries, 42% for bills, 31% for rent and mortgages and 27% for debt payment. (via Study Finds)

The Last Normal Photo Challenge is Going Viral

The BBC recently asked people to post their last “normal” photo, meaning the last photo you took before lockdown went into effect in your area. You can participate by using #lastnormalphoto! (via WPST)

Michael Jordan’s UNC Dorm Room to Be Recreated

Michael Jordan’s University of North Carolina dorm room will be recreated in a new hotel opening in Chapel Hill, NC. The room will be an exact replica from when the sports superstar attended the university from 1981 to 1984. It will include a record player and records, posters and more, as well as pieces of Jordan memorabilia like his game-worn sneakers and student ID. (via People)

Chuck E. Cheese Selling Pizza on Grubhub Under Secret Name

Chuck E. Cheese appears is going by a new name on Grubhub: Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings! Though there is a completely new logo, the company claims that it is not meant to be “shady.” The company apparently launched Pasqually on its own and is meant to be a premium pizza restaurant. The recipes are said to use fresh, homemade dough, a thicker crust and extra sauce. (via TMZ)

Priest Goes Viral for Blessing Churchgoers With Water Gun

Father Pelc wanted to get creative in blessing churchgoers while adhering to social distancing. Several weeks ago, during Holy Week, the priest consulted a doctor and put on a shield, face mask and gloves so that he could bless people with holy water... using a squirt gun. The photos have inspired Photoshop battles on Reddit and caused some new memes. (via Buzzfeed News)

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Back to the Future Cast Reunites Virtually Ahead of 35th Anniversary

Ever since the pandemic started, many TV show and film casts have been reuniting virtually to entertain the bored masses. Most recently, the Back to the Future cast got together ahead of the film's 35th anniversary. Watch below:

Lionel Richie Joined by American Idol Judges and Alumni for 'We Are the World'

During the season finale of American Idol, the judges brought together alumni for a special and inspiring performance amid the coronavirus pandemic. Watch below:

Pop Stars Hit With Music Lawsuits

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