Texas is big y'all! Let's play a game to see how well you know your Texas cities and counties.

Texas is divided up into 254 counties and within those counties there are 961 different cities, according to Wikipedia. Among the counties making up the great state of Texas, Rockwall County has the smallest land mass covering 149 square miles and Brewster County is the largest occupying 6,192 square miles. When it comes to the population within all these county lines, Loving County has the lowest population, with just 113 residents and on the other end of the spectrum the most populated county is Harris County with its 4,589,928 residents. Loving County, in the far western part of the state, also has the distinction of being the second least populous county in the United States. The only county below them is Kalawao County in Hawaii with its 88 residents!

Seeing how there are so many counties and cities in the state, I thought it would be fun to play a game to see how well you know your counties and cities from Texas! In the following game you'll have three choices:

  • Texas city
  • Texas county
  • Both a Texas city and county

So let's see how well you do!

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