When it comes to Texans, you have to watch out, because we aren't always well-behaved.  Especially, the ones that grew up in small towns in Texas, those are the ones you have to watch out for the most.

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Texans are Naughty

Once you give a Texan the chance to go out of town or on a vacation, that ups their naughty factor.  Sometimes we turn into errant two-year-olds who want to have fun, don't take no for an answer, and throw tantrums when they don't get their way.

When it comes to traveling watch out, Texans are naughty.  Although we aren't the naughtiest travelers in the country, we rank up at the top at #4.

What Makes a Naughty Texas Traveler?

  • 62% of Texas travelers take up seating in the terminal by using it as a luggage rack.
  • 52% of Texas travelers don't put their phones in airplane mode
  • 37% of Texas travelers are notorious for reclining their seats without asking the passenger behind them
  • 37% of Texas travelers use the backseat pocket as a trash can

Source: America's Naughtiest Travel Habits

Oh wait, you were probably waiting for Mile High Club statistics or travelers getting in trouble because they weren't sober.

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Yeah, we don't have the stats on that good stuff, although we did try to find some.  I mean we are looking for naughty Texas travelers.  We did find that 20% of American travelers have joined the mile-high club.

Then, there was that one guy in Lubbock who was being very naughty on an airplane, Lubbock Man Arrested For Indecent Acts On Airplane - Details Inside

Texans will be Texans, although some may think we can be naughty, you'll find some of the best people in the world in Texas.

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