The Story Of A North Texas Man Who Took A Risk To Pursue His Dreams Is Getting A Lot Of Attention Thanks To A Drink That's Beloved By Many Texans.

You know why there's so many more HATERS than DREAMERS in the world? Because its risky and SCARY to go after something you believe in and most people in this world don't have the heart to go after theirs.

That's why I love the story of Jose Vela from Waxahachie who is getting major attention and starting to trend all over for his love of a popular and beloved drink and his art.

A Few Years Ago, Vela Started Making Custom Topo Chico Shoes Just For Fun.

WFAA YouTube
WFAA YouTube

Vela says that Topo Chico is his favorite drink. He’s constantly consuming it, has clothing to match, and even had a Topo Chico-themed birthday party.

But a few years ago after creating some custom Topo shoes and posted a photo of them online, he began to get emails and orders from folks who wanted a pair.

But One Email Stood Out From The Rest.....

That email was from The Coca-Cola Company, the owners and makers of Topo Chico.

Naturally, Vela, an artist who just quit his job to pursue his love of art FULL-TIME thought that the dreaded "cease and desist" was coming but instead, the company said  they wanted to ORDER some shoes....LOTS OF THEM.

They Ordered 77 Pairs Of Shoes!

It was so many shoes, the Vans shoe store where Vela shopped barely had enough but after a couple of months of getting the shoes and painting them, he delivered the shoes about a month ago to Topo Chico.

He says its his biggest order to date but I'm quite sure he'll be getting more soon!

Maybe He Can Make Some "Custom Sneakers" For Us....


As somewhat of a "sneaker head" myself, I wonder how he would do with some Jordans like these? But if you want a pair of your own Topo Chico Vans, you can find out more about him at his website.

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