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  • Walmart sells this in every state
  • World's largest retailer can't win
  • Supreme Court upholds this decision

Living in Texas and shopping at Walmart just goes hand in hand. They elbowed out all the mom-and-pop discount stores in almost every town in the Lone Star State back in the 90s.

That's when those "Every Day Low Prices" went global. Now they have been here so long, Texans think of Walmart as their favorite local store instead of interlopers.

As much as Texas loves Walmart, they don't get to take advantage of deep discounts on the same items as people in other states. The one thing you will never see on the shelves of a Texas Walmart is liquor.

Walmart Lost The Battle To Sell Liquor In Texas

It's not from a lack of trying to sell liquor either. They fought hard to get you some of that deeply discounted liquor.

In 2015 they even sued the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in federal court in Austin for the right to sell. Texas didn't allow publicly traded companies to get liquor permits, and most of them are held by Texans according to the Texas Tribune.

Since then that has been ruled unconstitutional and they have lifted the ban, but there are other rules in place. Costco in Austin has a separate entrance and "store" where you can buy liquor.

The reasoning is to curb levels of hard liquor consumption in the state. Allowing cheap liquor to flow freely in Texas goes against those ideas.

Not that it would even matter for the 5 completely dry counties still holding out in Texas. Some counties are "moist" and allowed to sell beer and wine.


So if you think Texas is going to legalize marijuana anytime soon, just remember you can't even buy beer in certain counties or liquor in Walmart.

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