It's been a bad few years for baby formula.

In 2022, massive recalls met a global supply chain crisis, resulting in many states seeing 50% or worse out-of-stock rates, Texas included. San Antonio, Texas was the city hit the hardest in the U.S. at 57% out-of-stock.

Several infants were hospitalized after desperate parents fed children a new formula type with a resulting adverse reaction, or simply had no other access to the formula their child medically required than to go to the hospital.

In 2024, the main formula problem is inflation. Formula has seen one of the highest inflation rates of any consumer goods.

And now, a Texas-based formula is facing a recall for potentially deadly bacteria contamination.


According to the FDA, Dairy Manufacturers Inc., of Prosper, TX has issued a notice of a voluntary recall of their formula "Crecelac Infant 0-12" with UPC 8 50042 40847 6, Lot # 24 039 1 CHE 352-1 and with an expiration date of 08/2025.

This product was distributed in Texas only, primarily in March through May 2024.

Samples of this product were found to contain Cronobacter, a bacteria that can cause bloodstream and nervous system infections, which can lead to, " brain abscess, developmental delays, motor impairments, and death."

Signs of the illness in infants include a disinterest in feeding, irritability, jaundice, grunting breaths, and abnormal body movement.

So far, there have been no reports of sick or injured infants who ingested this formula, however, if you have a can of it you should discontinue use and return it to the place you purchased it for a refund.

Consumers can also call the company at 1-972-347-2341 (Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST).

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