We all know there is so much to do and see across the great state of Texas it can almost become overwhelming. But there are so many factors that go into deciding what you want to do when you’re in Texas. First, it starts with the weather. You need to decide whether you want to spend your time indoors or outdoors then you can really start making decisions on how you want to spend your time.  

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Another fantastic thing about Texas is that beyond there being lots of things to do, there are lots of free things to do. And with inflation hitting everyone hard, the more we can do to save money, the better. By now you’ve probably decided whether you want to be indoors or out, and you want the activity to cost nothing. Next up it’s time to decide how far you’re willing to travel. 

Texas is Huge With Free Activities Spread Across the State 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into more natural beauty or want to learn more historical facts there is going to be some sort of free fun activity somewhere near your location. There are probably some things listed below that are free to do in Texas that you didn’t even realize were available at no cost. 

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Let’s Look at the Best Free Activities in Texas 

If you’re wanting to have some fun in the lone star state and don’t want to spend money, here are some fun activity ideas for you.  

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