One Baptist church in Marshall, Texas has people divided over their new sign.

A Reddit user recently posted a picture of the new sign over at a church in Texas that made some jaws drop in shock!


byu/GoodRelationship8925 intexas

If you can't really make it out, the sign reads:

Heaven has strict immigration laws. Hell has open borders!

Well, actually, the word "immigration" is misspelled, but I guess while heaven has strict immigration laws it's pretty lax on grammar. I, for one, did not know that there were no borders in hell, I wonder what the process is to get into heaven.

The original post on Reddit got over 1,000 comments. However, if you'll notice, the original post blurred out the church name and the address; no word on why they decided to blur out that information. Of course, the internet got to work immediately to find where in Texas, and just exactly which church this was.

This is apparently the Bell Street Baptist Church in Marshall, Texas.

Texas Baptist Church
Google Maps

Marshall is in East Texas- and apparently this isn't something new for this area of the Lone Star state.

One Redditor commented:

This is dead on for Marshall, unfortunately. East Texas is even more insular than it was when I was young, and it’s only trending more in an extremist direction. It breaks my heart.

I'm not much of a religious person, but is this really the message Jesus would spread? Immigration is already a heavy issue, I'm not not sure this topic was covered in the bible- maybe it's in the Trump bible.

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