This is why I choose to live in the sticks.

I tried big-city living for years. I spent five years in Norfolk, Virginia while in the Navy and about a year and a half in Arlington, Texas.

And let me tell you – there were many things I loved about living in those two cities. The nightlife and easy access to major events like professional sports and concerts, in particular, were awesome perks of living in the big city.

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But the awful commute times ruined the experience for me.

There’s not much that I hate worse than being stuck in traffic. It’s such a helpless feeling to need to get somewhere and not be able to move more than a few feet every couple of minutes.

The bad thing is that most people just accept it for what it is and plan ahead by leaving early enough to accommodate for the long commute time. Not me.

I got so fed up with it taking more than twenty minutes to travel a few miles to get to work that I packed my stuff and got the hell out of Dodge (by the way, I realize there are much worse commute times, but it sucked nonetheless).

So, like many people who live here in the Lone Star State, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see that San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin were among the 15 worst U.S. cities for commutes, according to a study by HireAHelper.

That's right - every major city in the Lone Star State is among the worst for commuters.

But, if you happen to live in one of those cities and are looking for a silver lining, at least you don’t live in Orlando, Florida, the worst city in the U.S. for commuters.

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