Texas cops have a hard job. They have to deal with unruly cold blooded creatures, sometimes on a daily basis. No we're not talking about human suspects; we're talking about alligators, who have been known to have a nasty problem of invading citizens homes in Texas. And when that happens, well you gotta call the cops for help. Here are 6 instances where the brave men & women in blue have had to take on some stubborn gators.

Gators have been known to rob Texas banks

Who knew that humans weren't the only ones that have tried rob a bank in Texas? That was the case in Lake Worth, Texas back in 2022. On November 3rd, a large 3 & a half foot long alligator was spotted an ATM drive-thru & police were called out to remove the scaly suspect.

Gators are frequent Walmart shoppers in Texas

Sometimes cops have to be called out to break up a fight at Walmart but this was an interesting case; an 8 ft long alligator was spotted in Aransas Pass, Texas in 2018. 2 police officers had to restrain the alligator before setting it free. Maybe he just wanted to check out the meats section...

Cops don't like it when alligators try to sunbathe in Texas homes

We know it gets HOT in Texas & some creatures need to cool off. But that doesn't mean they can just break in without our permission! I guess no one told this 18 ft. long gator in Fulshear, Texas...

Texas cops don't like it when alligators try to invade people's pools either

The San Jacinto Plaza Gators aren't the only ones in El Paso, Texas; one was spotted in someone's pool on the East side of town. Well it DOES get hot in El Paso, so I don't blame the gator for trying to cool off.

Sometimes alligators want to stroll through Texas neighborhoods unannounced

It's a scary sight if you see an alligator walking down the sidewalk & Fort Bend County have seen this before. On September 12, 2022, police (with the help of a local "gator wrangler") had to capture a 400lb alligator. The gator was SO big, they had to use a tow truck to lift the reckless reptile to place it in the back of a pickup truck.

And finally, alligators really hate Texas cop cars

I'm sure the San Antonio Police Department will remember the instance where an 8 ft. long alligator crawled onto Highway 410 & decided to mess with Texas police. He was quite aggressive; he even managed to bite and damaged the rear bumper of a police car. Thankfully police were able to guide him to a nearby ditch, where I'm sure the gator went to brag about it with his buddies.

These are just a FEW stories that involve alligators & Texas cops. As long as alligators love coming to people's houses unannounced, this will most likely happen again. Sadly this ain't the only reptile that citizens & police have to deal with in Texas; snakes are a big problem too.

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