We are taught at a young age in Texas that getting a good education is going to be the key to being successful in life. As I've grown older, I understand how important school and having great teachers can be, although there are certain areas in Texas that seem to have a higher high school dropout rate compared to other parts of the state. Let’s investigate where those dropout rates are higher than others.  

School Dropout

Recently the team at Newsweek put together a list of all 254 counties in Texas looking at high school dropout rates in each of them. It’s important to note that when putting this data together population and enrollment numbers were not included. It was strictly about the number of students that dropped out in a certain county. In the 2022-2023 school year in Texas there were approximately 5.5 million high school students enrolled. 

Graduation Has to Be a Priority 

High school can be a very difficult time for students and for parents of students. But you have a higher chance of being successful and making more money if you can at least finish high school and get your diploma, which must be a priority.  

Let’s Look at the Texas Counties with the Highest Dropout Rates 

We would love to see these numbers decrease in the coming years, but as of now, here is a look at the Texas counties that are dealing with the highest dropout rates.  

To every teacher reading this, thank you for what you do. To every student reading this, don’t give up, you have what it takes to finish high school. 

Texas Counties with the Highest High School Dropout Rates

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