If you live in Texas, you have to own a deadly weapon. I don't mean Texas "requires" it, I mean you just do. Like it or not.

Texas is known for many things, one of the more notable ones being the lone star state's stance on self defense and home security. Basically, we don't play.

With concealed and open carry legal in Texas, breaking into homes, (well, bothering people in general), isn't recommended. There are other deadly weapons though ...

As far as firearms go, Texas is pretty well stocked but ... believe it or not ... we sit mid-pack when it comes to total gun owners. I guess it's our ability and willingness to use them that got us that rep.

Knives in Texas are very popular and no longer really have any restrictions. There are lots of other "deadly weapons" weapons in Texas and I guarantee that you own one or two. Maybe 20 or 30. Maybe 100, it's hard to say ...

The reason why is because, legally speaking, there are a ton of things that meet the definition of "deadly weapon".

What Is A Deadly Weapon In Texas?

In Texas, a deadly weapon is:

1)         a firearm,
2)         anything manifestly designed, made, or adapted for inflicting death or serious bodily injury, or
3)         anything that in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death. - tdcaa.com

It's number 3 that covers, well, EVERYTHING. By legal definition, in Texas, anything is or can become a deadly weapon.

Your dog's water bowl is a deadly weapon ... if you hit someone on the head hard enough with it.

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