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You've heard the saying that goes something like, not a day goes by that you learn something new. Right? Well, today is that day for me.

I've seen this done quite often on the loop in Tyler and Longview and elsewhere in East Texas, but had no idea that it had a term. So when you're sitting at a traffic light and you're by a truck running diesel fuel and the light turns green and they all of a sudden take off and leave behind a huge cloud of black smoke behind that is shooting from their tailpipes, well, that is referred to as 'rolling coal'. It doesn't necessarily have to happen when a truck is stopped either, it can happen even when they're already moving.

Apparently, this is a thing to do now and one Texas driver has taken it to the extreme by 'rolling coal' into a crowded Whataburger restaurant.

I'm not sure what lead up to the 'rolling coal' incident, whether the driver was upset with Whataburger for a wrong order, they were upset with someone in the restaurant or just someone trying to impress his friends and show off what their truck can do. Whatever the case was, a friend who held the door open cause quite a disturbance at a Texas Whataburger as the driver 'rolled coal' into the dining room.

@jaysonmanzanares0 Only in Texas #fypシ #smoke #funny #stupid #dumbass #viral #popular #outtaline #whataburger @Whataburger ♬ original sound - Jayson Manzanares

I suspect this was a dare to impress his friends and at the same time to see if they could get a video to go viral. If that's the case, it has pretty much worked because at the time of this article going live, it is closing in on one million views. As this group of teens was gathered in the Whataburger, most likely after a Friday night game that had them all fighting for breast cancer by wearing their pink, now some could be fighting for a breath after inhaling all of that black smoke and soot that was discharged into the dining room. Let's hope that's not going to be the case.

I guess we'll begin to see more of this happening thanks to social media. It could become the next - it thing to do - and it's definitely going to be copy-catted by other users too.

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