Let me preface this article with my OPINION: I will never understand the need for "closure" when two grown adults end a relationship. Okay, I understand if you want to take time to discuss how things went wrong and how "immature" you both were while yall was dating, but I'm a "move on and keep on rolling" kind of person, no need to look back at our time together....it just didn't work out but hopefully it was fun while it lasted.

But Celebrities Like To Talk About That Kind Of Stuff For The Sake Of Our Entertainment, Especially When They Dated Another Celeb.

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Which brings us to "Friend Of The Show" Letoya Luckett. Letoya just got out of a 4 year marriage and has now embarked on a new endeavor: A Youtube series called "Leave It To LeToya" as the former Destiny's Child member and Grammy winner sharing stories about her personal life.

Her First Guest On Her Series Was Her Ex-Fiancee Rapper Slim Thug

According to Vibe Magazine, her series kicks off with rapper and fellow Houston native Slim Thug, whom she was engaged to back in the early 2000’s. The episode, titled “A Conversation With My Ex,” shows the ex-couple sitting side-by-side on a couch as they get candid about how they met, what they liked and still like about each other, why things ended, and other elements of their romantic history.

Did You See This YouTube Video From Back In The Day?

Flashback to 2009 when the couple was together and still very much in love in this video Slim posted to his YouTube page. Awwww, young love. Would you like to see this H-Town power couple get back together?

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