Another day, another scam ... SMDH. Facebook users in Texas and all over the United States are being targeted by yet another online scam.

These freakin' scammers never give up boy, they're constantly out to get your personal info, steal your money/identity, hack your accounts or just be jerks.

This particular Facebook scam first popped up sometime last year but it's back and seems to be happening more and more. It's a pretty convincing one too ...

If you or someone you know has ever been tossed into Facebook jail, you're painfully aware of how they can just turn you on and off. They do it constantly and that's what helps this scam work.

The fact that his happens a lot, and often involves stupid stuff that isn't even that offensive, helps this scam look legit. We've all gotten THAT desensitized to Facebook jail. The scam message looks something like this:

Recently, we discovered a breach of our Facebook Community Standards on your page. Your page has been disabled for violating Facebook Terms. If you believe the decision is incorrect, you can request a review and file an appeal at the link below. - BBB

When you visit the link and enter your info, the scammer gets it and seizes your account. Again, the message and graphics are really good and look super real so, be careful.

The BBB recommends that you access your account the normal way, not through the link provided, and see what happens. Most likely, you'll find that your account is fine.

If it's legit, Facebook will guide you through the next steps toward busting out of Facebook jail.

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