Has a Governor of any state every hated one of it's cities as much as Greg Abbott hates Austin?

Photo by Carlos Alfonso on Unsplash
Photo by Carlos Alfonso on Unsplash

The Survey

PODS, the people who have those storage containers listed Austin as one of the "Top Move-Out" cities and Governor Greg Abbott was quick to point out that it was somehow due to liberal policies and encouraging people to move to other cities in Texas. It is, a classless move. Gone are the days that once an election is over a politician tries to serve all of their constituents and now they play up to their base and flip everyone else off. Politics has turned everything into a game of stupid small-town football.

The Real Facts

Abbott, instead of quoting a survey by a moving company, could have given you the real statistics on Austin, but chose not to. The fact is, Austin is still growing. It's not as fast as it has in the past (more on that later) but it's still growing. Austin's population is up over 2% from last year. That's down about a little over a point from back in 2021 when things were really insane. That's hard facts, and not how many storage containers were rented. Austin also continues to be ranked as the #1 most livable city in Texas.

The Real Austin

Austin does have a real problem. It was a little city that BLEW UP before it's infrastructure could catch up. Everything from streets and highways to the support systems hi-tech companies need were just not ready for the massive growth. Those things can cause a lot of headaches, and they are slowly being taken care of. They have a college with 51,000 students that swells the town annually. Many residents are leaving or being pushed out to the small bedroom communities near the town. Austin is a town with growing pains and no one would deny that.

So Why Defend Austin?

It makes me no never mind whether Austin grows or retracts, I am just bothered when straight up lies are being told and when someone who should serve all of this constituents uses every possible moment they can to take potshots at one of their own. It's a lack of character and a complete lack of class. The people in Austin are Texans and they deserve a little respect.

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